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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Antioch California, I need to buy Viagra in Reno Nevada

Ambleside – 2005

This six-panelled piece is an assemblage of fleeting impressions inspired by the landscape surrounding my home in Oberon, NSW.

Here abstracted fragments, glimpses and obscured views are patch-worked to describe a landscape particular and personal to me – ever changing and ephemeral.

Although the work is representational, drawing on landscape references such as ponds, reflections, trees and horizons, the paintings are minimal by nature and describe a microcosm of the landscapes broad expanse. The work investigates contrasts in nature, such as dynamic and static elements and the landscape’s geometric hard edges against its organic softness.

In adopting reduced abstracted shapes to describe my immediate environment, my hope is that the work might transcend from the specific to the universal – that is to evoke a memory unique to the viewer.