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Black Springs 2010 oil on canvas 35 x 40cm sold

Winter Gums (Dyptich) 2010 40 x 90cm oil on canvas Sold

Window II 2010 
138 x 198cm oil on linen SOLD

Window III 2010 
Oil on board 120 x 120cm SOLD

Conifer Ballalaba (for Maude) 2010 
Oil on canvas 45 x 50cm SOLD

Hawthorns - Lake George 2010 
Oil on canvas 40 x 55cm SOLD

Essington - Paddock II 2010 
Oil on linen 61 x 81cm Sold

Essington - Paddock I 2010 
Oil on linen 61 x 83cm SOLD

Essington - field II 2010 
Oil on linen 122 x 183cm SOLD

Essington - Window VI 2010 
Oil on board 92 x 122cm

Road to Brewongle 2010 
Oil on linen 122 x 183cm Sold

Essington - paddock - study 2010 
Oil on canvas 31 x 41cm SOLD

Essington - Field I 2010 
Oil on linen 122 x 183cm SOLD

Window IV 2010 
Oil on linen 122 x 183cm

Essington view II 2010 
oil on canvas 38.5 x 60.5cm SOLD

Window I 2010 
Oil on linen 137 x 198cm

Essington - Window VII 2010 
Oil on linen 122 x 183cm Sold

Tree - line - study 2010 
oil on canvas 30 x 35cm SOLD

Essington VII 2010 
Oil on canvas 38.5 x 60.5cm

Forest - Track II 2010 
Oil on linen 38.5 x 60.5cm SOLD