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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Berkeley California - Can i buy Viagra over the counter in Fayetteville North Carolina

In 2017 Joanna moved to Mount Desert Island, off the coast of Maine in the USA. She returns frequently to her studio in country NSW.

Bruny Island Residency

In 2014 Joanna was lucky enough to spend three weeks at 'The Bull Bay Residency' on Bruny Island. The residency was shrared with her contemporary and dear friend, the sculptor Camie Lyons. She was invited to returned in 2016 and completed the residency with close friend, painter Susan Baird.

Hill End Residency

Joanna Logue has been awarded a Hill End Residency (Haefliger's Cottage) for the month of October through to November 2010 in conjunction with the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery’s residency program.
She revisited Haefliger's the following year to make photographs and a video which were exhibited along side her paintings at the Bathurst Regional Gallery in 2011. In that same year Joanna was awarded a residency at Warry's cottage in Hill End through the Paddington Art Prize.


In March 1991, artist Jean Bellette died in her home on the island of Majorca. Earlier, the Hill End cottage that she shared with her husband Paul Haefliger was bequeathed to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, the organisation that has managed the historic site at Hill End since 1967. A condition of the bequest was that the cottage remain an artist's retreat. Haefligers' cottage is largely unaltered with works of art, books and furnishings that echo the presence of the artists who have lived and worked there since the early 1950s.

Maine studio 2017  

Studio 2014  Bruny Island

Bush studio  Bruny Island 2016

Warrys cottage 2012 Warry's cottage 2012

Haefliger's cottage 2011 Haefliger's Cottage - Hill End 2011