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'Arcadia XIII' 2018 oil on linen 40 x 60cm SOLD

'Arcadia VII' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm Sold

'Arcadia XII' 2018 oil on birch board 50 x 60cm

'Arcadia VIII' 2018 Oil on birch board 50 x 60cm Sold

'Arcadia IV' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm

'Arcadia I' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm Sold

'Arcadia I' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm Sold

'Arcadia XI' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm Sold

'Arcadia V' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm

'Arcadia IV' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm

'Into the woods III' 2018 oil on linen 100 x 126cm Sold

'Arcadia III' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm Sold

'Arcadia X' 2018  oil on birch board 50 x 60cm

'Arcadia IX' 2018 50 x 60cm oil on birch board Sold

'Remembering home' 2018  oil on linen 65 x 240cm Sold

'Pretty Marsh' 2018 oil on linen 65 x 240cm SOLD

'Into the woods I' 2018 oil on linen 100 x 126cm

'Into the woods II' 2018 oil on linen 100 x 126cm

'Arcadia XV' 2018 oil on birch board 50 x 60cm

'Arcadia XVI' 2018 oil on birch board 50 x 60cm

'Arcadia XIX' 2018 oil on birch board 50 x 60cm

'Arcadia XVIII' 2018 oil on birch board 50 x 60cm Sold

'Long Pond' 2018 oil on birch board 40 x 50cm