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'Eagle Lake V' 2017 Gouache on paper 17 x 26cm Sold

Eagle Lake Spring 2017 Gouache on paper 19 x 66cm

'Witch Hole' 2017  gouache on paper 19 x 27cm

'Little Long Pond II' 2017 Gouache on paper 18 x 53cm sold

'Little Long Pond III' 2017 Gouache on paper 17 x 23cm Sold

'Garden - Somesville 2017  Gouache on paper 16 x 26cm

'Eagle Lake IV' 2017 Gouache on paper 17 x 26cm Sold

'Eagle Lake III' 2017 Gouache on paper 20 x 58cm

'Little Long Pond' 2017 gouache on paper 17 x 26cm Sold

'Eagle Lake II' 2017  gouache on paper 22 x 28cm Sold

Eagle Lake 2017 Gouache on paper 17 x 46cm Sold