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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Albuquerque New Mexico, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Chula Vista California

1964Scone, NSW, Australia


1984-86 Studied City Art Institute, Sydney B.A. (Visual Arts)
1987Studied City Art Institute, Graduate Diploma (Professional art studies)

Solo Exhibitions

2018'Arcadia' , Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne
2017'Heartland' , King Street Gallery, Sydney
2016'Reveries' , Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
'Where she was sleeping' , Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW
2015'New Works' , King Street gallery on William, Sydney
2013'New Works' , James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2012‘New Works’, King Street Gallery on William, Sydney
2011‘Hill End - New Works’, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Bathurst
2010‘New Works’, King Street Gallery on William, Sydney
‘New Works’, Cowra Regional Gallery
2009‘Seascapes’, Gadfly Gallery, Perth
‘New Paintings’, The Atrium Gallery, King Street Gallery on William, Melbourne
2008‘New Work’, Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2007‘New Work’, Tim Olsen Annex, Sydney
Gadfly Gallery, Perth
‘Glimpse’, Bathurst Regional Gallery, Bathurst
2006Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2005‘Parks’, Tim Olsen Annex, Sydney
2004Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
2003Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney
2002Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
2001Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
2000Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
1999Michael Nagy Fine Art
1998Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
1997Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney
1996‘Vastness’, Axia Modern Art, Melbourne
‘Recent Landscapes’, Solander Gallery, Canberra
1995‘A Time and Place,’ Editions Galleries, Melbourne
1994‘New York City Landscapes – Central Park’, Solander Gallery, Canberra
1993‘Oberon’ Painters Gallery, Sydney
1992‘Tidal Marks’, Solander Gallery, Canberra
1988Cooper Gallery, Sydney
1987Cooper Gallery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016'Salon des Refuses', S.H. Irvin Gallery, Sydney
'Blake Prize', Casula Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
2015'Country and Western', Mornington Peninsular Regional Gallery, Victoria
'The piano has been drinking', Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW
'200 x 200 - a retrospective', Bathurst Regional gallery, NSW
Plein Air Painting prize, NSW Parliament House, Sydney
'Country and Western', Perc Tucker Regional gallery, Townsville
2014'Salon des Refuses', S.H. Irvin Gallery, Sydney
'Natura Morta', Dubbo Regional Art Gallery, NSW
Plein Air Painting prize, NSW Parliament House, Sydney
2013'The Feminine Optic - Perspectives on landscape', Tamworth Regional Art Gallery
Kedumba Drawing Award , Wentworth Falls
'Loaded' , Australian High Commission, Singapore
'Looking Forward', King Street Gallery, Sydney
The Calleen Art Prize, Cowra Regional Gallery, Cowra
Plein Air Painting prize, NSW Parliament House, Sydney
Tattersall's Landscape Painting prize, Brisbane
2012Norvill Landscape Painting Prize, Murrurrundi
'The Big Picture', King Street Gallery, Sydney
Fleurieu Art Prize, South Australia
The Paddington Art Prize, Sydney
'Picturing the Great Divide - Visions for Australia's Blue Mountains', Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Blue Mountains
2011'Wattle' - Australian Contemporary Art, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
Arkaba Station - Flinders Rangers, King Street Gallery, Sydney
'New Romantics' Gippsland Regional Gallery, Sale
Paddington Art Prize Menzies Art Brands Gallery, Sydney
Fine Art Asia Fair, Hong Kong
Together in Harmony, Noori and Arum Korea Foundation Cultural Centre, Korea
2010'Small Images/Grand Visions', Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
Paddington Art Prize, Menzies Art Brands Gallery, Sydney
En Plein Air Prize NSW Parliament House, Sydney
2009Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney NSW
ANL Maritime Art Prize Exhibition, Melbourne
En Plein Air Prize NSW Parliament House, Sydney
Gosford Art Prize, Gosford Regional Gallery, Gosford NSW
2008‘Directors Choice’, Bathurst Regional Gallery
2007‘Greetings from Coogee – Streeton Inspired’, Mary Place Gallery
2006‘Beyond Hill End’, Cudgegong Gallery
2003‘Depth of Field’, Shepparton Regional Gallery
2001‘Decade’, Bathurst Regional Gallery
‘Five Women’, The Bell Gallery
2000‘Sydney Scene’, Olympic Arts Festival Michael Nagy Fine Art
1992North Sydney Contemporary Gallery, Sydney
1990‘New Art 1990’, Bonython-Meadmore Fine Art, Sydney
1989‘Australian Heritage Award’, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1987‘Australian Textiles Award’, Sydney Textiles Museum
‘Post Graduate Exhibition’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney
‘Douglass Art Award’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery
1986‘Graduating Students Exhibition’, City Art Institute, Sydney
‘Nude Show’, Gates Gallery, Sydney
1985Seasons Gallery, Sydney


2012People's choice - Paddington art prize
2012Highly commended - Norvill art prize
2011Hill End Residency - Warry's Cottage - Paddington Art Prize
2010Hill End Residency - Haefliger's Cottage - Bathurst Regional Art gallery
2009Central West Regional Artist Award
2009Peoples Choice Paddington Art Prize
2006Country Energy Art Prize for Landscape Painting
2000Kings Contemporary Art Prize
1998 ‘Gunnery Studio’, NSW Gunnery Studios Program

Public Commission

World Square Foyer, Sydney


Ampol Collection
Australian Art Investment Trust
Australian Institute of Management
Australian Metal Holdings Ltd
Australian Property Network
Baker & McKenzie
Barclays Bank
Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
Burns Philip Ltd
Cornell University
Country Energy
Fluor Daniel Australia Pty Ltd
Kurranjong Hotel, ACT
Macquarie Bank
McKinsey & Co.
Mann Judd Pty Ltd
University of NSW
Parncutt Acton
Pat Corrigan Collection
Rand Corporation
The Art Trust
Vaughan Construction
Walker Corporation Ltd
WT Partnership

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