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Exhibition Scott Livesey Gallery Melbourne ‘Acadia’ 2018

The paintings in this exhibition were made during the last year in a studio I built on an island of the coast of Maine in America. The paintings are a direct response to the landscape on the Atlantic coast, particularly Acadia National Park, marked by woodland, marshes, rocky beaches, ponds, lakes and glacier-scoured granite peaks.

Making these paintings away from the Australian bush, a landscape that remains with me as a strong visceral memory, proved challenging. It required acute observation and intense drawing, and a study of the painters that have captured the essence of this landscape previously, namely Marsden Hartley, Alex Katz, Fairfield Porter and John Walker. Through this intense observation, a new palette, solidity of shapes, and a painterly textural complexity emerged in the work. Heading out into this unexplored terrain not only encouraged a different visual language, but anchored me in a new world, and curiously led me towards a more universal approach to landscape painting.

Exhibition King Street Gallery Sydney 'Heartland' 2017

For many years I have been painting the landscape surrounding ‘Essington Park’, my home in the Central Tablelands, west of the Blue Mountains. In making this body of work I was thinking about how important it is as a landscape painter to learn a place – to revisit the same tree, river, creek bed, paddock and horizon until it is indelibly known. Through this honed observation, the interpretation of the visual structure in the landscape becomes second nature, liberating the artist to layer a deep emotional response on the work. This exhibition is a culmination of paintings born out of both visceral recollections and sharp observations. Earlier this year I moved to a new home on an island off the coast of Maine, in the northeastern United States. ‘Heartland’ is a homage to Essington and the surrounding landscape, to celebrate all that it has offered me, and to preserve its memory as I move forward into new worlds. For me a future in a new environment raises profound questions about the degree to which our sense of artistic self is entwined with the landscape around us, and about how we evolve from a view of a particular place to the universal.